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funny things

14.05.2013 10:46

the smile is the universal language of intelligent people


10.05.2013 11:34

read it really interesting for health

1 A glass of orange juice daily increases twice (or more) of iron in the body.

3 - Whole wheat bread has almost four times more fiber, three times more zinc and iron nearly twice the white bread. In addition, those who eat white bread rise waist an inch per year, statistics say. Oh, and cómanse crusts, which contain eight times more pronylysina, which encourages enzymes to fight colon cancer.

4- Chew vegetables for much longer. This increases the amount of anticancer chemicals released into the body. Chewing releases sinigrin. And how much less cooked vegetables are better preventive effect.

5 - The future is orange. Reduces the risk of lung cancer. Those who eat them usually have 30% less chance of getting the disease. Better still take tangerine juice and eat whenever even a bit of skin.

6- Eat as colorful as the rainbow. If you eat a variety of red,
orange, yellow, green, purple and white fruits and vegetables, have the best blend of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that exist.

7 - Regularly clean your toothbrush. The contact of the seeds in the cup of the brushes can be fatal. The brushes themselves can spread colds and flu. Should be cleaned four times a week, especially after illness, and keep them separate from other brushes.

8- Make puzzles, crosswords or sudoku, or learn a language, a new skill or read a book and memorize paragraphs. Stimulate your mind encouraged to form new mental pathways and strengthens memory. A 50 year old mentally active have better memory than a person half his age who did not exercise.

9. - People who chew gum are more likely to suffer
arteriosclerosis, as they are made narrower blood vessels, which precedes heart attacks.

10. - Laugh. 100-200 laughter equals 10 minutes of jogging. Low stress and awakens natural defense cells and many antibodies.

11. - Ahead not peel vegetables or fruit, they must be cut and peel just before the want to eat. Prepare fresh food on short notice increases levels of anti-cancer nutrients.

12. - Call back to his mother, family members or friends, if you have them away. The 90% of people who do not maintain emotional closeness with loved ones, developed high blood pressure, alcoholism or heart disease at an early age.

13. - Enjoy a cup of tea. The common tea contains less levels
antioxidants than green tea. With just drinking a daily cup of tea
Green reduces the risk of heart disease. Drinking tea also increases the life after heart attacks.

14. - Find a pet. People who do not have pets have more stress and more doctor visits than others. Pets make one feel optimistic and relaxed, and that lowers blood in the blood. Dogs are better, but even goldfish work well for this purpose.

15. - Put tomato sandwich. Or have a glass of tomato juice by hand, or put tomato sauce on toast. A serving of tomato per day 30% lower risk of coronary heart disease.

16. - Rearrange the refrigerator. The vegetables anywhere in your fridge lose nutrients because artificial light destroys team of plant flavonoids, substances that fight cancer. So it is better to use the drawers below.

17. - Eat like a bird. For example, sunflower seed and seeds of 'Sesame' on salads and cereals are nutrients and natural antioxidants. And eating nuts between meals reduces the risk of diabetes.

18. - Eat chocolate. Two bars per week a year old range. Dark chocolate is a source of iron, magnesium and potassium.

19. - Think positively .. Optimistic people may live up to 12 years and better than the negatives, who also gives them much more easily flu.

20. - Turn spiritual. True believers and those who prioritize 'to be' on 'have', are 35% more likely to live better and longer. Keep a good relationship with God.



08.05.2013 10:43

Today I started thinking about the importance that we give to life, when she inadvertently takes away things, we think it is unfair and forget that without it we would not be who we are. We are all full of happy moments and we die when something ends.

Happiness comes at any time, especially in the world ends up as beautiful, even the most annoying and painful.

Here we think that being alone is the end of life and we do not realize that sometimes solitude helps us find answers that were not ...

Love has a million laps, sometimes surprises us and gives us happiness and sometimes becomes the worst thing.

Thinking about all this, I grew a little more, I learned to smile and see reality as it is, but most of all I realized that does not work when there is PRIDE FRIENDSHIP, serves not MOURN when love goes, that does not worth learning to SHUT UP and do not exist when we feel alive BORDERS.




06.05.2013 10:15

In this increasingly busy world where we all work, is a big challenge to find the time to live in a meaningful way with the children.
If you manage your time well, time is everything.
The time of your children is for them and nobody else. Do not let others interrupt issues. Leaving home can surrender inaccessible to the switches: go camping with your children, go out for ice cream or the movies, stay away from the phone.
     When you're at work, work. When you're having fun, bring your attention to the fun without being distracted by other concerns such. And when you're with your kids, let them case.
      Turn off the phone, the TV and the computer and dedícales all your attention. You can surprise you with details you did not know them, and be building bridges of communication that are priceless.
If your children see by your actions that you truly value this time with them, learn to appreciate it as well and care just like you.
Every day the family coincides at certain times. Around the table at lunch, or in the car heading to school, you can use the time to get close to your children and listen to them.



06.05.2013 10:11

Well let me tell you that you are responsible for change, "Celebrate life" every second that provides you all day.
Think freely and help people and do not forget to fight for what you want and be patient an important thing to anything you hold
because in this world nothing is forever. Leave on earth your best seed spreading joy wherever you go enriches your soul
and do not forget that peace in life.

how to treat a teenager

14.04.2013 11:15

This is what you would call a teen, parents
                                                pay close attention


1. Treat me with the same warmth with which you treat your friends. That does not mean we are family
            . it also can not be friends
              2. It always give me orders. If you told me things, instead of ordenármelas, I would make before
                and willingly.
              3. Do not change your mind so often about what I should do. Keep your decision.
              4. Do not give me all that I ask. Sometimes I ask to see how far you can get.
              5. Fulfills the promises, whether good and if they are bad. If you promise a permit,
     . gimme. If a punishment is also
              6. Do not compare me with anyone, especially with my sisters or brothers. If I extol the
                 another will suffer. If I do less, who suffers me.
              7. Do not correct me in public. It is not necessary that everyone learns.
              8. Do not yell at me. I respect you less when you do.
              9. Let me fend for myself. If you do everything, I will never learn.
              10. Do not lie in front of me. Nor ask me to lie for you, to get you out of trouble.
              11. When you do something wrong, do not push yourself to explain why you did it. Sometimes, even I what
              12. When you're wrong about something, admit it and grow my esteem for you, and I will learn to admit my mistakes.
              13. Do not ask me to do something that you do not do. I will always be learning and what you do, but do not say it.
              14. When I tell a problem do not say "I have no time for your nonsense" or "it does not matter." Try to understand me and help me.
              15. Love me and tell me. I like to hear it, but you do not feel is necessary. I like


positive advice for life

11.04.2013 10:41


Enjoy full life     

Whatever happens,

life is the

best gift

and have given us

give us. Thus,

we can not waste it regardless

of age

have. Accepting and loving

unconditionally; learn something

new every day; appreciate

the beauty that surrounds us ... are some

of the keys to enjoying life to topo.

1 Work

for your happiness

Do not let the happiness in the hands

chance. You can reach it if,

First, know what

you're doing and what's not

for it, and subsequently

you undertake changes

relevant to fight for it.

2 Date the nod

You can make the best plans

for your life, but none

action, no achievement and no

result will make you feel

fully realized if

stop and put limitations

you approve of yourself with your

qualities and your flaws.

3 Try something new

We are comfortable with

we know and we are familiar.

But we can not miss

the opportunity to experience

new stuff (from testing a

detergent to change jobs).

You may sometimes experience

not satisfactory,

but certainly in other

Sometimes you will be happy

doing something new.

5 Discover the beauty

around you

It may be a flower, a work

art, the face of a child ...

You can admire and surrender

at the beauty of hundreds

of things around you. It

important is that you take the

time required to include

enjoyment of that beauty in

your daily life. Remember

capacity to astonish

and surprise is part

the elixir of life.

7 Keep at bay

your fears

We spend much of our

imagining the worst that life

can happen and its consequences.

But would not it be better

take away our fears

and concerns? We would

that the main obstacle

we have to overcome not

that to what we fear, but

the very fact of being afraid.

6 Ten time

to think

Our common life absorbs

all our time and attention,

and give us the opportunity to

think, question and evaluate. Take

a moment to enjoy

the results of a pause

to reflect.

9 Value your work

For many people the real

value of their work is not

money they earn, but the rewards

social and personal

brings them. So when 

you evaluate your plans do not work

lose sight of what really

get your job.

10 Know your health

If you know how to walk in

health, whether we

any condition or we

plethoric, we can choose

one healthy lifestyle

and according to our needs.
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10 tips on how to raise your children

15.04.2013 14:04

Read and Share

1. Do not decide for them. that's faltal but as children we can not avoid.
2. Do not do what they can do. if you have 5 more and we let them do some things alone do not you think?
3. Take the example of what pregonas. if you are not going to mistake such as vegetables and you? eat them.
4. Set limits according to each. important for you not used to it do what they want regardless of the consequences
5. Dialogues, dialogues always. the words are a vital tool but do it in a firm and gentle tone
6. Ask, do not answer for them is to let them express themselves.
7. He lives with them and not on them. difficult for overprotective moms include myself in the list.
8. Not only give them things. dale VALUES.
9. Integra and vencerás.ya do know the saying united force.
10. Avoid preferences and prejudices. especially if you have more than one child.



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Chicken Rice

17.04.2013 08:58

* Eight pieces of chicken
* Three cups of rice
* Two cups of water
* A cup of stout
* A cup of coriander or cilantro liquefied
* A cup of chicha
* Three tablespoons minced yellow pepper
* One teaspoon of minced garlic
* One hundred grams of peas
* One hundred grams of carrot
* A pepper
* Media chopped onion
* Oil, salt, pepper and cumin to taste

Brown the chicken pieces over low heat and reserve, using the same oil fry the garlic and onion, once searing, season with salt, pepper and cumin. Add the ground yellow pepper, add the cilantro and cook for four minutes. Then add the chicken, beer, chicha, water, peas and carrots cut into squares. By breaking the boil, add the rice well washed and near the end add the chopped pepper into cubes.

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articles humor


13.04.2013 14:14

 Hey, what is worse, ignorance or indifference? Not know, nor do I care.
- How does an elf look like an intelligent man? In both are legends.

- What is the difference between a tree and a drunk?
That the tree begins and ends on the floor in the cup and drunk the cup begins and ends on the floor.


- In what looks like a wedding to a divorce?
In that rice's wedding. And that's all in the pa-divorce her.
- What is a shrimp throwing stones? is a thug
Francisca calls a butcher shop and asks: - Do you have ears of bull? Yes - And pig's feet? Yes - my God! Are you a monster?

What is the difference between the lover and wife? 30 kilos
- What is the difference between the lover and the husband? 30 minutes
- Do you know the punishment for bigamy? - Having two mothers in law.
That tells you eye to eye. We are separated by noses
That tells one leg to the other. the third has been cortita.
What does one stone to another stone? ah!, life is hard, friend
What does an ant another ant? Care comes the concrete!

Why do camels have one hump? - Because if you had two camels would
What looks like an actor in a truck? - The actor does theater and the truck hits you.
How do you say firefighter in Chinese? - Atacallamas
¿Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa??? Because reflexes took over the Twin Towers!
That tells a buttock buttock to another: Damn! Why the hallway smells bad ...
What is a leper in a swimming pool? -An effervescent aspirin.
What color a dull buys his girlfriend's panties? -Transparent color, to read his lips.
That tells another Jaguar Jaguar! Jaguar you ....
What is the country that first laugh and then explodes? JA-PON.
What is the country that they never know if they are going to go visit? IRAN.
Hospital How do you say in Japanese? Otikuro otimato
Which is bigger the moon or the sun? The moon, because go out at night.
What is the funniest object exists? The broom. - Why? Because you always laughing ...
What did the knife to gelatin? No coward tremble.
What does the ringer finger? If you touch me, cry.
How do you say Pink Panther in maya? Tulum, Tulum, Tulum, Tulum.
What does the 3 to 30? To be like me, you must be no-zero.
If you were drowning in the sea, what would you do? Cry to vent.
What makes 12 mothers-drowning at sea? DOING WELL!
Why did the math book committed suicide? Because I had many problems.
What is the only animal that dies to applause? The mosquito.
What looks like a friend to a lighter? They always fail when they are needed.
What did duck a duck playing another race? We tied.
What does one another spaghetti spaghetti? Hey, my body craves salsa ...
What did one focus to another focus? Both time giving birth and have no light bulb.
Why foamed sea? Because Ariel the mermaid is called
What does a traffic light to another light? Do not look at me like I'm changing.
What does a fish when you're bored? Nothing.
What does a crazy breaking a clock? Killing time.

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18.04.2013 14:34

Mommy, your whole life will be MOTHER. so you have the opportunity to teach your children the true things that are important such as to give butterfly kisses, jumping in puddles, to stare bugs, to get dirty learning to eat, strong hugs, are super important and not the deny ever, may be that in a few years you want are hugs that you never gave them, tell them you want as long as you imagine them think, let them mourn and weep with them, if they are from time to when you paint the walls, because you can re-paint, thinks that breaking objects instead replaced Mom's screams hurt forever, you can do the dishes later, because, while you clean them grow. They do not need toys both need time, work less and want more then the child will be alone again ........... if I touch the heart share it to touch the hearts of others also Follow us on facebook / Mamasehijosdehoy

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