how to treat a teenager

14.04.2013 11:15

This is what you would call a teen, parents
                                                pay close attention


1. Treat me with the same warmth with which you treat your friends. That does not mean we are family
            . it also can not be friends
              2. It always give me orders. If you told me things, instead of ordenármelas, I would make before
                and willingly.
              3. Do not change your mind so often about what I should do. Keep your decision.
              4. Do not give me all that I ask. Sometimes I ask to see how far you can get.
              5. Fulfills the promises, whether good and if they are bad. If you promise a permit,
     . gimme. If a punishment is also
              6. Do not compare me with anyone, especially with my sisters or brothers. If I extol the
                 another will suffer. If I do less, who suffers me.
              7. Do not correct me in public. It is not necessary that everyone learns.
              8. Do not yell at me. I respect you less when you do.
              9. Let me fend for myself. If you do everything, I will never learn.
              10. Do not lie in front of me. Nor ask me to lie for you, to get you out of trouble.
              11. When you do something wrong, do not push yourself to explain why you did it. Sometimes, even I what
              12. When you're wrong about something, admit it and grow my esteem for you, and I will learn to admit my mistakes.
              13. Do not ask me to do something that you do not do. I will always be learning and what you do, but do not say it.
              14. When I tell a problem do not say "I have no time for your nonsense" or "it does not matter." Try to understand me and help me.
              15. Love me and tell me. I like to hear it, but you do not feel is necessary. I like