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Mothers Day is a day to honor mothers and also to honor any mother figure who is in your life.
This date is very important for everyone as we dedicate this day to be brought into the world and give you more love, affection and devotion.
Mother is the most beautiful of the earth. She does not know or care tired having to wait long hours for the children to attend to them. He is the most tolerant, understanding and loving, if any. Every day of the year we must show our love and affection. Hopefully not our mother is no longer in this world to realize how much
she did for us and we could make you feel happier with just daily show our affection, love and appreciation to her


What date is celebrated on Mother's Day?
In Hispanic countries and the United States is held on the following dates depending on the country:
· In Spain and the Dominican Republic Mother's Day is celebrated the first Sunday of May
· In Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday in May
    In Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, May 10
     In Paraguay is the May 15
     In Bolivia, Mother's Day is May 27
     In Nicaragua is celebrated on May 30
     In Argentina the Mother's Day is the third Sunday in October
     In Panama is December 8
     In Costa Rica is celebrated on August 5