positive advice for life

11.04.2013 10:41


Enjoy full life     

Whatever happens,

life is the

best gift

and have given us

give us. Thus,

we can not waste it regardless

of age

have. Accepting and loving

unconditionally; learn something

new every day; appreciate

the beauty that surrounds us ... are some

of the keys to enjoying life to topo.

1 Work

for your happiness

Do not let the happiness in the hands

chance. You can reach it if,

First, know what

you're doing and what's not

for it, and subsequently

you undertake changes

relevant to fight for it.

2 Date the nod

You can make the best plans

for your life, but none

action, no achievement and no

result will make you feel

fully realized if

stop and put limitations

you approve of yourself with your

qualities and your flaws.

3 Try something new

We are comfortable with

we know and we are familiar.

But we can not miss

the opportunity to experience

new stuff (from testing a

detergent to change jobs).

You may sometimes experience

not satisfactory,

but certainly in other

Sometimes you will be happy

doing something new.

5 Discover the beauty

around you

It may be a flower, a work

art, the face of a child ...

You can admire and surrender

at the beauty of hundreds

of things around you. It

important is that you take the

time required to include

enjoyment of that beauty in

your daily life. Remember

capacity to astonish

and surprise is part

the elixir of life.

7 Keep at bay

your fears

We spend much of our

imagining the worst that life

can happen and its consequences.

But would not it be better

take away our fears

and concerns? We would

that the main obstacle

we have to overcome not

that to what we fear, but

the very fact of being afraid.

6 Ten time

to think

Our common life absorbs

all our time and attention,

and give us the opportunity to

think, question and evaluate. Take

a moment to enjoy

the results of a pause

to reflect.

9 Value your work

For many people the real

value of their work is not

money they earn, but the rewards

social and personal

brings them. So when 

you evaluate your plans do not work

lose sight of what really

get your job.

10 Know your health

If you know how to walk in

health, whether we

any condition or we

plethoric, we can choose

one healthy lifestyle

and according to our needs.
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