10 tips on how to raise your children

15.04.2013 14:04

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1. Do not decide for them. that's faltal but as children we can not avoid.
2. Do not do what they can do. if you have 5 more and we let them do some things alone do not you think?
3. Take the example of what pregonas. if you are not going to mistake such as vegetables and you? eat them.
4. Set limits according to each. important for you not used to it do what they want regardless of the consequences
5. Dialogues, dialogues always. the words are a vital tool but do it in a firm and gentle tone
6. Ask, do not answer for them is to let them express themselves.
7. He lives with them and not on them. difficult for overprotective moms include myself in the list.
8. Not only give them things. dale VALUES.
9. Integra and vencerás.ya do know the saying united force.
10. Avoid preferences and prejudices. especially if you have more than one child.