10.05.2013 11:34

read it really interesting for health

1 A glass of orange juice daily increases twice (or more) of iron in the body.

3 - Whole wheat bread has almost four times more fiber, three times more zinc and iron nearly twice the white bread. In addition, those who eat white bread rise waist an inch per year, statistics say. Oh, and cómanse crusts, which contain eight times more pronylysina, which encourages enzymes to fight colon cancer.

4- Chew vegetables for much longer. This increases the amount of anticancer chemicals released into the body. Chewing releases sinigrin. And how much less cooked vegetables are better preventive effect.

5 - The future is orange. Reduces the risk of lung cancer. Those who eat them usually have 30% less chance of getting the disease. Better still take tangerine juice and eat whenever even a bit of skin.

6- Eat as colorful as the rainbow. If you eat a variety of red,
orange, yellow, green, purple and white fruits and vegetables, have the best blend of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that exist.

7 - Regularly clean your toothbrush. The contact of the seeds in the cup of the brushes can be fatal. The brushes themselves can spread colds and flu. Should be cleaned four times a week, especially after illness, and keep them separate from other brushes.

8- Make puzzles, crosswords or sudoku, or learn a language, a new skill or read a book and memorize paragraphs. Stimulate your mind encouraged to form new mental pathways and strengthens memory. A 50 year old mentally active have better memory than a person half his age who did not exercise.

9. - People who chew gum are more likely to suffer
arteriosclerosis, as they are made narrower blood vessels, which precedes heart attacks.

10. - Laugh. 100-200 laughter equals 10 minutes of jogging. Low stress and awakens natural defense cells and many antibodies.

11. - Ahead not peel vegetables or fruit, they must be cut and peel just before the want to eat. Prepare fresh food on short notice increases levels of anti-cancer nutrients.

12. - Call back to his mother, family members or friends, if you have them away. The 90% of people who do not maintain emotional closeness with loved ones, developed high blood pressure, alcoholism or heart disease at an early age.

13. - Enjoy a cup of tea. The common tea contains less levels
antioxidants than green tea. With just drinking a daily cup of tea
Green reduces the risk of heart disease. Drinking tea also increases the life after heart attacks.

14. - Find a pet. People who do not have pets have more stress and more doctor visits than others. Pets make one feel optimistic and relaxed, and that lowers blood in the blood. Dogs are better, but even goldfish work well for this purpose.

15. - Put tomato sandwich. Or have a glass of tomato juice by hand, or put tomato sauce on toast. A serving of tomato per day 30% lower risk of coronary heart disease.

16. - Rearrange the refrigerator. The vegetables anywhere in your fridge lose nutrients because artificial light destroys team of plant flavonoids, substances that fight cancer. So it is better to use the drawers below.

17. - Eat like a bird. For example, sunflower seed and seeds of 'Sesame' on salads and cereals are nutrients and natural antioxidants. And eating nuts between meals reduces the risk of diabetes.

18. - Eat chocolate. Two bars per week a year old range. Dark chocolate is a source of iron, magnesium and potassium.

19. - Think positively .. Optimistic people may live up to 12 years and better than the negatives, who also gives them much more easily flu.

20. - Turn spiritual. True believers and those who prioritize 'to be' on 'have', are 35% more likely to live better and longer. Keep a good relationship with God.