06.05.2013 10:15

In this increasingly busy world where we all work, is a big challenge to find the time to live in a meaningful way with the children.
If you manage your time well, time is everything.
The time of your children is for them and nobody else. Do not let others interrupt issues. Leaving home can surrender inaccessible to the switches: go camping with your children, go out for ice cream or the movies, stay away from the phone.
     When you're at work, work. When you're having fun, bring your attention to the fun without being distracted by other concerns such. And when you're with your kids, let them case.
      Turn off the phone, the TV and the computer and dedícales all your attention. You can surprise you with details you did not know them, and be building bridges of communication that are priceless.
If your children see by your actions that you truly value this time with them, learn to appreciate it as well and care just like you.
Every day the family coincides at certain times. Around the table at lunch, or in the car heading to school, you can use the time to get close to your children and listen to them.