Read it carefully precious message

11.04.2013 11:13

A 55 year old woman visited her son in jail 23. He was there for wrongful death as a child was hit at high speed by entering in a street in the opposite direction trying to escape from a police car chasing him for having been a senior.

He entered the prison completely shattered bones and in a wheelchair since, the father of the dead child he was beaten, and the police - that it was right behind - they looked the other way and did not stop until nearly killed him ... (not logical enough?)

The son said to his mother,

- You know Mom, I'm not a premeditated murderer or a fucking heartless, I've just come to the conclusion that I'm here because I learned and got used to breaking rules and breaking them ever without any limits.

- Oh boy!, Is that you wore as a kid soooo hard, every time I gave you an order or instruction, I did some tantrums desafiabas and such that I could not stand it and left you to do and to avoid me so undone conflicts and quietly and you were pleased to tell me your dad: shut that kid!.

Since you were 3 or 4 years, when I told you:

1) Eat your vegetables to grow up healthy and strong, you said: I do not want to be healthy and strong, I do not care, leave me alone!
2) Arrange your room: I will not fix anything, so I'm happy, if you want to fix it you!
3) Do not destroy things, take care of them: I do not care, I want to play well, and if I do not buy new things scream and cry until I buy them ....
4) This house is what I say: No Mama, I will no longer love you and when you talk like that, I'm going to another house!

And so it went the endless list of commands and responses over the life of the child and parents REBEL .. LOOSE AND LIABILITIES BLANDENGUES ...

Until the child's mother stopped screaming ... ..

MAMA ENOUGH! : Just tell me how did YOU BEING ADULT, believed him and obeyed CHIQUITO A CHILD soooo ....??

TODAY In my 23 years I'm torn, unhappy and without a future, to no avail to study or that we were not poor, we take the life of a child and ruin PASS THEM THE REST OF YOU LIFE AND MY FATHER! ! LIFE IN PRISON is peanuts ....


IF YOUR CHILD WAS about to fall off a cliff and you were holding HAND: ¿¿WHAT WITH ALL YOUR MIND APRETARÍAS Or would you stop LE HAND FOR Suavecito keep it from hurting????

Same with the values, discipline and rules, be responsible and squeeze him tight And you will save the precipice of life in society, because nobody DANE WITH WHOM WILL HAVE YOUR indiscipline pity on him. If you, you gave LIFE AND LOVE IT, can not stand his tantrums, ¿WHAT MAKES YOU THINK OTHERS will do .......???

BE VERY CLOSE TO THEM, WITH MUCH LOVE, BUT ALSO WITH DISCIPLINE, A CRY IN TIME, a spanking, punishment GOOD TAX, no desire to mistreat or hurt them but by "their good", may leave a small footprint BUT WILL FEEL SAFE AND WELL CLEAR ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. And eventually, they will know that if CUIDAS AND EDUCAS well is because you love them and not because you care more about your comfort and your free time. CHILDREN ARE OUR JUDGES STRICTEST ... they will thank you ....