18.04.2013 14:34

Mommy, your whole life will be MOTHER. so you have the opportunity to teach your children the true things that are important such as to give butterfly kisses, jumping in puddles, to stare bugs, to get dirty learning to eat, strong hugs, are super important and not the deny ever, may be that in a few years you want are hugs that you never gave them, tell them you want as long as you imagine them think, let them mourn and weep with them, if they are from time to when you paint the walls, because you can re-paint, thinks that breaking objects instead replaced Mom's screams hurt forever, you can do the dishes later, because, while you clean them grow. They do not need toys both need time, work less and want more then the child will be alone again ........... if I touch the heart share it to touch the hearts of others also Follow us on facebook / Mamasehijosdehoy