08.05.2013 10:43

Today I started thinking about the importance that we give to life, when she inadvertently takes away things, we think it is unfair and forget that without it we would not be who we are. We are all full of happy moments and we die when something ends.

Happiness comes at any time, especially in the world ends up as beautiful, even the most annoying and painful.

Here we think that being alone is the end of life and we do not realize that sometimes solitude helps us find answers that were not ...

Love has a million laps, sometimes surprises us and gives us happiness and sometimes becomes the worst thing.

Thinking about all this, I grew a little more, I learned to smile and see reality as it is, but most of all I realized that does not work when there is PRIDE FRIENDSHIP, serves not MOURN when love goes, that does not worth learning to SHUT UP and do not exist when we feel alive BORDERS.