13.04.2013 14:14

 Hey, what is worse, ignorance or indifference? Not know, nor do I care.
- How does an elf look like an intelligent man? In both are legends.

- What is the difference between a tree and a drunk?
That the tree begins and ends on the floor in the cup and drunk the cup begins and ends on the floor.


- In what looks like a wedding to a divorce?
In that rice's wedding. And that's all in the pa-divorce her.
- What is a shrimp throwing stones? is a thug
Francisca calls a butcher shop and asks: - Do you have ears of bull? Yes - And pig's feet? Yes - my God! Are you a monster?

What is the difference between the lover and wife? 30 kilos
- What is the difference between the lover and the husband? 30 minutes
- Do you know the punishment for bigamy? - Having two mothers in law.
That tells you eye to eye. We are separated by noses
That tells one leg to the other. the third has been cortita.
What does one stone to another stone? ah!, life is hard, friend
What does an ant another ant? Care comes the concrete!

Why do camels have one hump? - Because if you had two camels would
What looks like an actor in a truck? - The actor does theater and the truck hits you.
How do you say firefighter in Chinese? - Atacallamas
¿Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa??? Because reflexes took over the Twin Towers!
That tells a buttock buttock to another: Damn! Why the hallway smells bad ...
What is a leper in a swimming pool? -An effervescent aspirin.
What color a dull buys his girlfriend's panties? -Transparent color, to read his lips.
That tells another Jaguar Jaguar! Jaguar you ....
What is the country that first laugh and then explodes? JA-PON.
What is the country that they never know if they are going to go visit? IRAN.
Hospital How do you say in Japanese? Otikuro otimato
Which is bigger the moon or the sun? The moon, because go out at night.
What is the funniest object exists? The broom. - Why? Because you always laughing ...
What did the knife to gelatin? No coward tremble.
What does the ringer finger? If you touch me, cry.
How do you say Pink Panther in maya? Tulum, Tulum, Tulum, Tulum.
What does the 3 to 30? To be like me, you must be no-zero.
If you were drowning in the sea, what would you do? Cry to vent.
What makes 12 mothers-drowning at sea? DOING WELL!
Why did the math book committed suicide? Because I had many problems.
What is the only animal that dies to applause? The mosquito.
What looks like a friend to a lighter? They always fail when they are needed.
What did duck a duck playing another race? We tied.
What does one another spaghetti spaghetti? Hey, my body craves salsa ...
What did one focus to another focus? Both time giving birth and have no light bulb.
Why foamed sea? Because Ariel the mermaid is called
What does a traffic light to another light? Do not look at me like I'm changing.
What does a fish when you're bored? Nothing.
What does a crazy breaking a clock? Killing time.